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2021 Top Agent Magazine – Featuring Valyn Lyons

“This is not just a business for me. It’s who I am, it’s what I do, I know it, I love it. My favorite part is seeing the family in their home at the end of the transaction.” Valyn Lyons Broker/Realtor®/CLHMS

Top Agent Magazine 2021

By now, Valyn Lyons has experience with just about every kind of real estate there is, from new construction to long-time investors. She has been in real estate for fifteen years in Atlanta and garnered a huge amount of success over the course of her career. Through a winning combination of talent, grit, and personability, Valyn has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and she has found a great deal of personal fulfillment in her work.

Valyn is big on repeat business, and she makes a serious effort to make her clients feel comfortable. She interacts with clients constantly on social media, and, when the option is there, hosts events for clients to socialize and meet each other. “My clients are my friends,” Valyn says. “I go to their weddings and we talk on Facebook. I love showing new arrivals around Atlanta as well.” She takes a personal approach to interact with her clients, opting to treat them as friends rather than business associates. This has made her an attractive option as a Realtor®, proven by her high percentage of the referral-based business.

Being a Realtor® means more to Valyn than meeting her own bottom line. She takes steps to ensure that her community is well cared for, and she has a penchant for looking after those members of her community who are less educated and more disadvantaged. “I’m a big-hearted person,” Valyn says. “I have people in my office who do credit repair and help with a lease purchase. Homeownership is huge, and I want people to become homeowners.” Valyn helps people in need, whether it be first-time homebuyers unfamiliar with the market or people who have taken a hit to their credit and don’t have a lot of options. She trains the agents on her team to pursue this goal, and it’s become a huge part of her identity as a Realtor®.

Throughout the year, Valyn works constantly to engage with her client base and build her business, and her work ethic is paying off. Valyn closed a whopping $45 million of total volume in 2020 and is looking to push the envelope even further in 2021. According to her, Atlanta is a hot market, people keep moving in, and “they’re not making more land!” Now is the time to move in on it, and with Valyn’s experience, she is a good bet for knowing the ins and outs of the market.

Valyn has become fully absorbed in her work as a Realtor®, which makes her uniquely suited to tackling every aspect of real estate that her clients’ cases can throw at her.

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